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Good luck Wulf :c *hugs*
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I hope things get better!!

thanks, guys! Hopefully things do get better uvu

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oh no ;;;

it will be ok, i hope

thanks for your nice ask uvu


Look who moved out of his own show again

and this time he brought Ran with him

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Shiki: B)
Shiki: B))))
Conan: leans back
Shiki: B)))))
Conan: [sycamore voice] shiki no
Shiki: B))))))))





'Ahh, how he once stood proud, this hellbound king. Now he wails and howls like a caged animal, consumed by his own grief, fear, and madness…'

'Only death can save you now'

but until that day, #takes out orange and strums

-dramatically looks to the sunset-

One day I might make a post explaining the Twin Blades/Reforging Blades AU

one day

draw crazy raven king shinichi you know you want to B)


'Fear the council, beware the Beast. Hide when you hear the mournful howls of a desperate animal' - Outrealm Xenolog: Madness of the Raven King.

(full res)

Hahahaha I bet we are confusing everyone B)


Sine, Cosine, and the resulting unit circle. 


Sine, Cosine, and the resulting unit circle. 

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