I think my favorite thing about Pac Rim is that it gave us the term Drift Compatible


because in English there is no good way to explain a very deep, often, platonic, love and understanding between two people of the same or opposite sex. The closest thing we have is best friend and that doesn’t dig deep enough for some people or explain the absolute love between people that has nothing to do with sexual or romantic desires.

I don’t want to fuck you or romance you, I want to love and understand you on such a deep level that sometimes its like we share the same mind. We’re drift compatible.

monochrome-melodi replied to your post “The sparkles have all gone, now i feel kinda great”

good job

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thanke, guys!

The sparkles have all gone, now i feel kinda great

I forgot to take a pic of houndour before i began but here are the rest


We have come so far, and thus we reach the final number of the (released pokemon of the) pokedex.

As such, I’m going to set loose eight shinies to the wonder trade, all nicknamed Sparkle!

Houndour, two Riolu (one boy, one girl), Buizel, Shroomish, Absol, Growlithe and Skorupi. So good luck to anyone out there, follower or not B)


for all of ur needs

[O Fortuna plays in the background]


my dad has a folder on his computer named Cool Dad and it’s just pictures of himself

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