So Sammy and I agreed that Aeolus probably had a cat at some point. Jazz apparently also agrees on this. It’s head-canon now :v

Also, Harkens :3 I haven’t drawn my own dragon species in forever vwv

Uuurgh, that stupid crackpairing still haunts me, but it’s mostly because their dynamic is so interesting. Even out of a relationship, their huge differences make for a great point for interaction. It’s so addicting to have them interact in any given way, given that they’re polar opposites xD ( Even being bitter enemies is fun to portray ).

Oh, I saw a little bird a while back. it didn’t have one leg :c But it looked kinda happy with its life. Still, I wished I could have helped..

Oh, Jolteon and Furret from the PMD RP. Well, they have names, but eh P:

PS: Hating on how the Jolteon looks.